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Each of our series, "Man's Inhumanities", "Ripped From The Headlines", and "Ripped From The Headlines-The Environment", is geared toward middle and high school aged readers and explains various current issues, environmental subjects, and thought provoking controversial topics, in an interesting and accessible way.

Man's Inhumanities


The crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan has brought the term genocide back into the news. Although the Holocaust is the most widely-known example of genocide, there are numerous instances of genocide in our world today. Bringing the issue to light, this book on genocide defines and outlines the term, gives examples of genocide throughout history, and discusses the purpose of the United Nations in relation to genocide. Students can educate themselves about steps they can take to make genocide a thing of the past.

ISBN: 978-1-60217-975-2 or 1-60217-975-1 --- $23.95

Ripped From The Headlines - The Environment

Global Warming

Earth’s temperature is slowly rising. In some places, temperatures are rising, causing the ice to melt. People disagree about whether global warming is a problem. Melting glaciers and polar ice may cause flooding in certain areas and some parts of Earth may become too hot and too dry. Global warming may open new areas to settlement and access to natural resources that were previously inaccessible. These, and other uncertainties, mean that scientists cannot be sure of exactly how global warming will affect Earth and its people, however, evidence is becoming more available all of the time.

ISBN: 978-1-60217-024-7 or 1-60217-024-X --- $23.95

Ripped From The Headlines

Internet Predators

Internet sex predators have fast become a growing threat to children and teens online. At social networks, and in chat rooms, young people are enticed into relationships that may move into the real world and lead to sexual exploitation, abuse, or worse. Despite the efforts of law enforcement, too many kids continue to be easy and trusting targets. This book examines the tactics of the predators, the real-life experiences of young victims, the stings that catch online predators, and the ways in which people can protect themselves in today’s virtual world.

ISBN: 978-1-60217-000-1 or 1-60217-000-2 --- $23.95

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